A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, em pé, texto e atividades ao ar livre

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa

A imagem pode conter: uma ou mais pessoas, pessoas sentadas e sapatos

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, texto

A imagem pode conter: uma ou mais pessoas, pessoas sentadas e pessoas dormindo



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  7. “Glad your universe is so simple. Enjoy it. Until it gets busted wide open by reality one of these days.”Pamela, I’m starting to sense a pattern here that as soon as someone presents an argument for which you have no answer, you resort to patronizing generalisms.Please try to respond directly to the points presented.Do you deny my statement that “Chaos4700 could not live his life as an out gay man under Hamas. He can in Israel.”?

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  18. “An expression of the right to happiness?” Say what? Craziness. Marriage is WORK. It is a job, another vocation. There is happiness in it, but that is certainly not the crux of it. Procreation and mutual betterment of each other’s souls – the real point of marriage- neither can come from a homosexual union.

  19. Hi, Dani!Thanks so much for commenting on my WOW!OMG. Your choice is simply AWESOME. What a cover!!!!! The combination of the man’s torso with that snow tiger….pure DYNAMITE!! The plot is absolutely enthralling, with a very creative combination of mythology and paranormal romance. I’ve heard of this author, but haven’t really looked into her novels. Now I’m adding this one to my TBR shelf on Goodreads!! And of course, I’ll add the previous ones in this series, as well. Thanks for spotlighting this book!! You’ve made this insatiable bookworm ecstatic!!!! : )

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  46. ), one can hardly come to believe that “IRI is not an ideology-driven regime.” Sure. However, let me say that I have some doubts in this case, to say the least. In other words, the whole thing doesn’t seem to me this way: “there is an ideology (a religious one indeed) which drives IRI.” But you may rightfully ask what it is then, and how I interpret all the signs which seem to be contradicting my view. I don’t have a coherent answer yet. I have to contemplate it, and will let you know when it’s done.

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